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30 novembre 2022

eTwinning Quality labels 2022, the list of the winning Italian teachers

The results of the assessments of the national eTwinning 2022 Quality Label are online.

National Quality Labels are official awards issued by the eTwinning Unit to projects, carried out in the last school year, which have achieved the quality requirements established by the evaluation criteria shared by all the Countries adhering to the Action.

National eTwinning Quality Labels 2022

This year’s data clearly confirm the quality of the work of Italian teachers involved in eTwinning activities, setting a record both in the number of project applications and in the number of approved ones.

In 2022, the eTwinning National Service certified the quality of 1,195 teachers (all-time record), against 1,167 last year, 853 in 2020, 1,033 in 2019, 1,072 in 2018, 1,022 in 2017, 637 in 2016, 319 in 2015 and 264 in 2014.

The number of applications (1,792) marked the second highest point ever at a national level, lower only than last year (1,805), and much higher than 2020 (1,367) and 2019 (1,511) which took place pre-COVID-19, with a success rate approaching 65%.

In the coming weeks, the classes of the winning teachers will receive the official eTwinning gadgets.


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National eTwinning Awards 2022

Among the winners of the 2022 National Quality Label, the best 10 projects will be identified for the assignment of the 2022 National eTwinning Award. The award ceremony will take place on 12 December 2022 at 3.30 pm in Bologna, during the 2022 National Conference of the Action.


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