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2 dicembre 2022

National eTwinning conference and awards 2022, the first day will be live streamed

Everything is ready in Bologna for the national eTwinning conferenceEducational experiences for innovation in Europe“, scheduled from 12 to 13 December.

This event has always been the most important for the community of schools and teachers active in remote collaboration projects and, like every year, includes the delivery ceremony of the national eTwinning Awards, a time of celebration of the best 10 projects (divided into 5 categories) carried out in 2021/22 on the European platform.

The conference is organized by the INDIRE’s National eTwinning and Erasmus+ agencies.

First day – Opening of the Conference and 2022 National Awards Ceremony

On Monday 12th the works will open with the institutional greetings of Laura Pazienti, senior manager of the Ministry of Education and Merit; Bruno E. Di Palma, deputy director USR Emilia-Romagna and Sara Pagliai, coordinator of the INDIRE’s Erasmus+ national agency.

The contribution of Donatella Nucci, head of the INDIRE’s eTwinning National Unit, will be followed by the keynote speech “Innovation in 4.0 schools ” by Gabriele Benassi, teacher and member of the USR Emilia-Romagna Training Team.

The eTwinning 2022 National Awards ceremony will take place from 3.30 pm, during which videos summarizing the 10 awarded projects and interviews with the teachers involved will be shown.

Second day – The panel of experts

Tuesday 13 the day will be opened by the panel “Which innovation for schools?”, moderated by Maria Chiara Pettenati, INDIRE’s research manager. Among the participants: Francesca Favino, USR Veneto; Annalisa Martini, Emilia-Romagna School Ambassador; Alda Barbi, head teacher at the “M. Fanti” of Carpi (MO); Cristina Parenti, newly hired teacher at ICS Figline V.no (FI) and Marta Rizzo and Daniel Bylyku, students of the secondary school “L. Bassi” in Bologna. This will be followed by a musical moment by the students of the “A. Bertolucci” of Parma which will lead up to the two professional training workshop sessions for the participants.

Programme and live streaming

For the complete programme, visit the event website.

The first day of the Conference, 12 December 2022, starting at 3.30 pm, will be broadcast in live streaming on the YouTube channel and on the eTwinning Italia Facebook page.

Official hashtag of the event: #eTwPremi22


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