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12 gennaio 2023

«Don Milani space»: 100 years of hospitality education

On the centenary of the birth of Don Lorenzo Milani (1923-1967) INDIRE creates a new space among those which have been dedicated to educators who have left a mark on the Italian pedagogical and cultural scene. For Don Lorenzo Milani, presbyter, writer, teacher, and Italian Catholic educator – whose memory is linked to the teaching experience aimed at poor children in the disadvantaged and isolated school of Barbiana, in the homonymous hamlet of the municipality of Vicchio (FI) – the school was the main place where, through meeting and knowledge, young people could be trained, developing critical awareness and their personality. He wrote with his pupils his best-known book, Letter to a professor (1967), which has become a central text in the debate on the school system.

The intention is to create, thanks to Don Milani Space, new opportunities to reflect at present on the thought of Don Milani, through interviews, school memoirs, photographic documents from the Don Lorenzo Milani Foundation Archive and from private archives, moments of meeting and study.

A rich schedule of webinars has, in fact, already started and will develop throughout 2023, thanks to the collaboration between INDIRE, the DiCultHer Network, and the University of Florence, organizing a series of in-depth initiatives on the distinguished educator. The programme of the appointments and the registration procedure will be available in the dedicated section of Don Milani space.

Particular attention is also given on this occasion to interaction with the schools, through the proposal “Tell about Don Milani“, to stimulate the involvement of elementary schools who want to participate in creating a group laboratory activity that can combine the discovery of the figure of the prior, storytelling and laboratory teaching.

Furthermore, Spazio Don Milani collaborates in the promotion of the project of the Research Centre “scientia Atque usus” (LINK: https://www.sau-centroricerche.org/centro-don-milani/) for Generative Communication ETS, directed by Professor Luca Toschi, develops a project for the creation of the “Don Lorenzo Milani Center for Documentation and Generative Communication and the Barbiana School”, in collaboration with the CR Firenze Foundation and the Don Lorenzo Milani Foundation. The project will be presented on Friday 13 January 2023 at 11:00, at the headquarters of the CR Firenze Foundation in via Bufalini 6 (Florence).