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27 gennaio 2023

European School Education Platform, 2 informative webinars coming soon

Starting from October 2022, the eTwinning platform has been definitively deactivated (more info here), and is accessible exclusively through the new European School Education Platform (ESEP).

In order to guide registered users, and also all interested parties, in using the new tool, the National Unit, Indire, organises two information webinars, on 2 and 8 February, dedicated to a first exploration of some of the main features of the eTwinning community within the European Platform for School Education.

The National Unity also deems it useful to share some information with Italian users to facilitate participation in the community, although the launch of the new online environment is still underway and many features have not yet been implemented at European level.

The webinars will be recorded and made available on this website. Since they are informative moments, a certificate of participation will not be issued, and it is possible to participate without the need for prior registration but simply by clicking on the link below. Participation is guaranteed until all available places are filled.


1st WEBINAR Thursday 2 February 4.30 pm– Duration 1 hour

  • Short introduction to eTwinning
  • Registration of new users in eTwinning/ESEP
  • Partner search and networking in eTwinning/ESEP




2nd WEBINAR Wednesday 8 February 16.30 – Duration 1 hour

  1. Registration and creation of projects
  2. The TwinSpace project
  3. Analysis of current issues on the platform




Instructions for accessing webinars

  1. Click on the relevant link
  2. Enter your name and email address (or Membership ID).
  3. Enter the password for Session: Webinar
  4. Click on “Join Now”.