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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


20 febbraio 2023

INDIRE at the cycle of training conferences “Another school is possible”

Translation by Giulia Lombardo

AID – Italian Dyslexia Association organizes “Another school is possible”, a training course aimed at teachers of all school types and levels, which is divided into three events dedicated to as many themes: The Debate as an inclusive comparison tool, knowledge of the Metaverse as a virtual place to extend educational actions, the horizontal relationships between teachers as an effective basis for including pupils.

The cycle of events takes place both in-person and online: moments of discussion will alternate with laboratory activities, with the aim of building a stimulating educational community capable of accompanying the inclusive growth of the new generations. The first appointment on the calendar is scheduled for Saturday 4 March at the “Righi” Institute in Naples and will focus on the teaching methodology of the Debate.

Among others, INDIRE President Cristina Grieco and INDIRE researchers Elena Mosa and Silvia Panzavolta will take part, presenting the results of a research on the inclusive potential of the debate.

The second meeting will instead take place in Turin on Saturday 25 March and will focus on the Metaverse, augmented reality and virtual worlds. INDIRE will be present with a contribution by Andrea Benassi, INDIRE technologist, who will talk about the debate in Virtual Reality.

The training course will end on Saturday 6 May in Bologna with a conference on the horizontal relationships of school staff and on the collaborative methods useful for building an educating community based on well-being.

To take part in the events it is necessary to register online and pay a participation fee (also payable with the teacher’s card).

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