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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


1 marzo 2023

eTwinning 2022 data, Italy is confirmed as the second country by number of registered members

Italian schools are confirmed at the top in terms of participation, results and recognition in the European eTwinning community, despite the fact that last year was the year of the transition to the new European School Education Platform, characterized by an initial period of technical and interface discontinuity which limited users’ access and work, as far as tools availability was concerned.

Italy confirms itself as the second eTwinning country – after Turkey and before Spain – for the number of teachers registered since 2005 (launch year), with 111,665 teachers (about 10% of total enrolments). 2022 recorded an increase of 6,792 new teachers in Italian schools, while at European level the eTwinning community reaches the milestone of 1.1 million teachers enrolled in the 43 countries participating in the action.

As for the activity of its members, in 2022 around 1,300 new educational collaboration projects were launched with foreign schools, for a total of around 37,000 eTwinning projects carried out since 2005.


 National eTwinning Quality Labels 2022

This year’s data clearly confirm the quality of the work of Italian teachers involved in eTwinning activities, setting a record both in the number of project applications and in the number of approved ones. In 2022, the National eTwinning Unit certified the quality of 1,195 teachers (absolute record), with the number of applications (1,792) marking the second highest point ever at national level, lower only than last year (1,805 ), and higher than that of 2020 (1,367) and 2019 (1,511) which occurred pre-COVID-19, with a success rate exceeding 65%.