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2 marzo 2023

Registration is open for the MOOC on game-based learning

European Schoolnet Academy launches Games in Schools 2023, the MOOC for primary and secondary school teachers that teaches how to integrate games into daily teaching. Now in its fifth edition, the course highlights the potential of game-based learning both for learning and for the development of so-called soft-skills.

Starting from April 17, the participants, under the guidance of Technology enhanced learning expert Ollie Bray, will delve into the concepts of playful learning, learn how to create educational activities that include playful elements useful for reinforcing learning, and learn more about the world of gamers and those who design games.

The course is held in English and is divided into 5 modules divided as follows.

Module 1: Why use computer games?

Module 2: Learning games

Module 3: Using games for thematic or interdisciplinary learning

Module 4: Designing and learning from games

Module 5: Why is it important to teach about games?

The total commitment is 20 hours and the lessons end on May 31st. A certificate is issued for those who actively participate in the course and carry out the expected work (learning scenario).