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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


9 marzo 2023

The innovative school is at Didacta Italy, until Friday at the Fortezza da Basso

The sixth edition of DIDACTA ITALIY opened this morning at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. The most important appointment on school innovation immediately registered a large number of visitors including teachers, head teachers, educators and industry operators from all over Italy.

“We are very happy because going from 230 to 342 participating companies is an incredible step forward, and also the participation in all the seminars, conferences and workshops has grown exponentially,” declared Lorenzo Becattini, president of Firenze Fiera. “a tangible sign of how increasingly important it is to take care of and invest in the world of education to modernize our country. I thank the vice president of the Senate Gian Marco Centinaio who honored us with his participation and all the other participating authorities including the councilor for education of the Sicilian Region Mimmo Turano, with whom we shared in October the success of the first Sicilian edition of DIDACTA which was the first fair that our company organized outside Florence and Tuscany, and which we will be back this October from 12thto 14th”.

“Didacta is a perfect stage to talk about the contents of school education, its values, the many innovative projects that start right on the school desks, added the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella. “Florence has obtained 44 million from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to be devoted to the scholastic heritage. The Metropolitan City of Florence has launched an investment plan of 40 million euros: we are working on three new nursery schools, three new middle schools, two high schools in the Meucci Galileo Institute, and then the interventions to improve existing schools. Schools have always been one of our priorities. I remember that the winning battle for civic education in schools started from here and also the experimentation of the aggregation of training schools in a single entity that holds together- in the new Polytechnic of the arts – the Academy of Fine Arts, the Isia and the Cherubini Conservatory. The school must be at the center of our commitment and thanks also to Didacta Firenze confirms itself as a laboratory of innovation and proposals for this sector”.

“Bringing the experience of Didacta, born and rooted in Germany, to Italy is an extraordinary opportunity for our country – said Gian Marco Centinaio, vice president of the Senate. Talking about training in innovative terms by crossing different experiences as we do here is a way not only to try to solve the problems that our school has today but also to project it into a future, a future that is just around the corner. A future in which the training and enhancement of teachers, the space reserved for workshops and non-traditional educational experiences, the attention paid to individual students and their potential, play a central role”.

“Over the years this fair has grown exponentially to become a real and essential point of reference for those who work in the school sector and beyond – said the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, from video connection. From today until 10 March at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, hundreds of educators, teachers and school leaders will meet to participate in 800 workshops, conferences and seminars. A tangible testimony of the fact that the school world in Italy feels a strong need to innovate by working for the future of the schools and our young people. The Ministry of Education and Merit will be massively present at the fair with 70 events including conferences and in-depth moments and with our own exhibition space where there will be meetings with visitors and school staff. We wanted to participate actively, because we strongly believe in the value of this extraordinary initiative”.

“I appreciate the decision to make the inauguration of Didacta coincide with International Women’s Day – said the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani – because women are an essential and fundamental part of the school world, at all levels. The sixth edition of Didacta is dedicated to the centenary of Calvino’s birth, but in Tuscany we also celebrate the centenary of the birth of Don Lorenzo Milani, who with his “Letter to a professor” launched a new phase in teaching and pedagogy worldwide. Don Milani represented a fundamental stage in the scholastic innovation that we are presenting today and we wish to continue to carry on with this dynamism and this evolution of the school, also taking into account social issues. For this reason, the Tuscany Region will allocate significant resources to many innovative projects, including, for example, the 233 million over 6 years that we have allocated to guarantee free nursery schools for children of families with an ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) of less than 35,000 euros, so as not to force mothers to choose between family and work”.

“The numbers of Didacta 2023 fill us with pride for the great participation of teachers, institutions and companies – declared Cristina Grieco, president of Indire. “Today we can say that we have won the bet started 6 years ago. Fiera Didacta is now a very important appointment for teacher training, in a phase in which we are witnessing a moment of transformation of the Italian school model. The school is the most important intangible infrastructure for the future of the country. For this reason, it is even more important to use NPRR funding effectively and efficiently”.

“Didacta enables us to invest in our future, in young people and in the growth of our country. The presence of the Sicilian Region at Didacta Italy is the first step in building together a different way of schooling in different geographical areas of the country. A journey made up of initiatives on innovations in the world of education that must become teaching activities and that will lead us to the Sicilian edition of Didacta Italy, in Misterbianco (CT) from 12 to 14 October, is now starting, commented by Mimmo Turano, councilor for education and vocational training of the Sicilian Region.

“Training and orientation are open grounds, on which we have the opportunity to support the growth of businesses and the economic system – declared Leonardo Bassilichi president of Firenze Fiera. The Chamber of Commerce of Florence is engaged in this field, both with the Orientarsi al futuro project, which every year involves over 6 thousand high school students, and with direct participation in higher education schools such as Polimoda and the School of Business Sciences ”.


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