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4 aprile 2023

The webinar series on the Service Learning methodology is about to start

Building Community. Innovating the School: Service Learning” is the webinar cycle organized by the Working Group set up at the Department for the Education and Training systems of the Ministry of Education and Merit with the task of investigating ways of developing, disseminating, and enhancing this pedagogical approach.

The initiative is aimed at headmasters and teachers of both state and state-recognized schools of all levels, and is organized with three meetings:

  1. Wednesday 12 April – The Service-Learning proposal. Innovating learning environments to generate well-being;
  2. Monday 17 April – The pedagogical revolution of Service-Learning;
  3. Thursday 27 April – The role of the third sector in Service Learning.

The webinars will all take place in the afternoon, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and can be followed via live streaming at https://www.istitutomontani.edu.it/web/.

INDIRE is taking part in the initiative with the intervention of the researchers Patrizia Lotti and Lorenza Orlandini, speaking at the meeting scheduled for Thursday 27 April.