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2 maggio 2023

Tuesday 9 May, webinar on Service Learning in European schools

On Tuesday 9 May, on the occasion of Europe Day, there is going to be an online meeting to discuss the implementation of the Service Learning approach in European schools.

The event is promoted by the Pan-European Informal Network for SL in Schools and for Youths which includes organizations from Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Luxembourg and Italy. EIS LUMSA and INDIRE participate in the network, representing our country, through the research group of the idea “Inside/outside the school – Service Learning” of the Indire’s Avanguardie Educative movement.

A memorandum of the network was signed last December with which the partners undertook to promote, accompany and develop Service Learning practices in educational institutions and civil society organizations working with children, adolescents and young people throughout Europe. The aim is collaborative work and exchange of materials and good practices to establish links with other networks with similar objectives, in order to strengthen the impact of their work and give further visibility to this pedagogical approach.

Tuesday’s meeting takes place in English on the “Zoom” platform. To participate, simply connect to the link a few minutes before the start scheduled for 4:00 pm.


JOIN THE WEBINAR (9 May – 4.00 pm)>>

picture by Freepik