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4 maggio 2023

The INDIRE Technological Area at the Festival of Europe

On Friday 5 May, INDIRE’s Technological Area research will be present at the Festival of Europe, in the space set up in the Cortile della Dogana of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

This will be an interesting opportunity to get to know and see first-hand all the products made by INDIRE LAB, which has been involved for long time in the study, design and experimentation of innovative technologies and methodologies, trying to respond to the needs that come from schools and sometimes even to predict in advance what might be the best tools.

Customers will have the opportunity to see up close MusicBlocks, the educational tool for learning music in a playful way; SugarCAD, the 3D modeling software that offers teachers and students the possibility of giving shape to their ideas and dBook + dSerra, the small web-server useful for carrying out digitally integrated, collaborative and laboratory teaching activities, without requiring any Internet connection. Technological researchers will also illustrate to interested parties the 3D modeling and printing processes and examples of educational designs that integrate robotics and coding. Furthermore, the most recent breakthroughs affecting part of the research, and which concerns the “Blockchain” and its possible intersections with the world of school will also be present.

The programme of activities also includes a workshop reserved for some secondary school students on drawing and three-dimensional printing.

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