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12 maggio 2023

New frontiers of STEM education. In Milan (and online) the final conference of GIS4Schools

The good practices on STEAM education design models from all over Europe will be the core of the conference New frontiers for STEAM Education in Europe: good practices and perspectives, scheduled for Monday 15 May from 10 to 17 in the Aula Magna of the Politecnico of Milan (Milano Città Studi – Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32) but also online.

Final event of the Erasmus+ GIS4Schools project, the conference will have an international scope and will be dedicated to presenting the state of the art of STEAM education in Europe and hosting a high-level debate on its prospects.

There will be three sessions: the first will be opened by Patrizio Bianchi, former Minister of Education and Rector of the University of Ferrara, and will continue with the presentation of the results and experiences of the GIS4Schools project, a strategic partnership for Erasmus+ innovation. Coordinated by the Euronike Association with the Politecnico di Milano as main scientific partner, the project involved 4 European secondary schools and as many associations, committed to deepening the theoretical knowledge of GIS (Geographic information system) technologies and offering students an opportunity for its practical application.

The afternoon session will in turn be organised into two round tables: the first will focus on the leverage action of training and education to improve the green and digital transition. The role of European scientific cooperation in tackling the challenge of STEAM education will instead be the focus of the second round table which will see, among other speakers, INDIRE researcher Jessica Niewint-Gori.

The final session will be dedicated to the launch of the “GIS4Schools Community”, the network involving 50 secondary schools from different EU Member States committed to working together to improve STEAM education through geospatial technologies.

It is possible to follow the event both in-person and online by registering on this page. A certificate of participation will be issued to those who have taken part in the event.


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Photo by Valerie V on Unsplash