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16 maggio 2023

An international conference on school dropout will take place on Monday 22 May in Taranto

On Monday 22 May, the international conference entitled “School dropout: a critical system issue. What prospects for the socio-cultural contexts at risk?”, conclusive event of the project “T.A.S. – Going back to school” funded with REFIN (Research for Innovation) funds from the Puglia Region – ROP Puglia ERDF-ESF 2014/2020.

The Conference brings together numerous experts who will discuss issues concerning the phenomenon of school dropout from various perspectives such as the management of the phenomenon in relation to the various educational fragilities, the methods and actions of contrast, the clinical-operative expertise in action or the comparison between the European models to control school dropout.


INDIRE contributes to the discussion with two interventions by the researchers Lorenza Orlandini and Patrizia Lotti focused on Service Learning, a teaching methodology that can be useful in combating school dropout.


The event is aimed at researchers, university professors, school teachers, students, educators and volunteers interested in the issue of school dropout. It is possible to participate in person or follow the conference in streaming, but online registration is required.


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