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1 giugno 2023

PATHS, this morning in Florence the final event with the INDIRE researchers

“The study of philosophy within civic education in technical and professional institutes is one of the INDIRE projects that teaches students to develop critical thinking, to acquire personal growth and critical capacity”.

These words of the INDIRE president, Cristina Grieco, opened the final event of the experimentation of philosophy in the field of civic education, which took place this morning at the INDIRE headquarters in Florence. “We believe – continued the president – that this project is the first step of an experience that our Institute will cultivate and in which we will invest increasingly more”.

This was the educational path undertaken by the 21 technical and professional institutes which during the academic year 2022-2023 participated in the experimental programme which began with the proposals supported by the Guidelines for learning philosophy in the knowledge society. This 2017 document of the Ministry of Education emphasizes the importance for every student of technical and professional institutes to develop the ability to question and reflect logically and critically, thanks, above all, to the contribution of philosophy, in order to acquire personal growth, and enter the world of work.

After the institutional greetings and the presentation of the project by the INDIRE researchers Matteo Borri and Samuele Calzone, Roberto Curtolo (Tuscany’s regional education authority) spoke; Stefano Suraniti (Piedmont’s regional education authority); Marco Di Paolo (Molise’s regional education authority) and Andrea Felis (School Superintendency of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano for Italian Language schools).

The event continued with the presentation of the regional experiences of Piedmont compiled by Virginia Stefania Bettanin and Caterina Mazza; those of Tuscany and Bolzano, with interventions by Veronica Forni and Chiara Zanoccoli, and of Molise, with Rosalba Manna and Francesco Messuri.

The meeting then discussed the experiences of some schools participating in the project: the IIS. “G. Boccardi – U. Tiberio” of Termoli, the IIS “B. Vittone” in Chieri, the “Luigi Einaudi” Professional Institute in Pistoia, the IISS “Cesare Battisti” in Bolzano.

To date, 21 technical and professional institutes have participated in the experimental programme and the Regional Education Authorities of Molise, Piedmont, Tuscany and Trentino Alto Adige have been involved.

The idea of promoting this experimentation comes from the PATHS project (a Philosophical Approach to Thinking Skills) – for words which has been proposed by INDIRE since 2018 – in collaboration with the Directorate General for Scholastic Regulations and the National Education System of the Ministry of Education and Merit – to teachers of all disciplines of all levels of secondary schools.


For further information: paths@indire.it.


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