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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

School system

System Actions, School and International System Analysis, Relations with the World of Work

The Area dealing with System Actions, School and International System Analysis, Relations with the World of Work carries out research into transformations in education and training systems by designing and creating system monitoring models. To this end, it makes use of quanti-qualitative research methods and tools to collect and analyse data.

This research area monitors the implementation of reforms, actions to support school-to-work transition, higher technical education and training, and lifelong learning, taking account of the ongoing processes of change and innovation in the national education and training system. Under the auspices of the MIUR, the Area designs and develops suitable data banks, in particular for the Higher Technical InstitutesWork-related Learning, Adult Education and the management of European Operational Programmes in the Education sector.

The methods developed and the analysis results are shared with the scientific community and with stakeholders such as universities, research organisations, national and international government bodies (EC, central and local administration of the MIUR, regions, and local bodies), social partners, the world of business, and national and international educational and training centres. Consequently, the results of the monitoring provide support for the programming, evaluation and improvement of education policies. These results also fuel scientific debate on the main issues of the education sector and make available indispensable information to understand the dynamics in progress, in educational and training systems, regarding implementation procedures, the quality of the services offered, the results achieved and the standpoints of operators and beneficiaries.


The Italian Eurydice Unit is also part of this Area. This Unit is an information network on Education in Europe that contributes to the Institute’s research activities through comparative analysis of European and international educational and training systems.


The Area also deals with the conservation and valorisation of its bibliographic and iconographic legacy, and the Institute’s historical archives. The historical knowledge on schools and their evolutionary dynamics allow the body’s research areas to study how well innovation processes have accompanied the transformation of education and its ability to meet society’s needs.