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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


The Training Area studies, designs and implements educational initiatives that are mainly for school staff, above all for teachers and headmasters, in order to contribute to the improvement and innovation of the school system within the complexity, flexibility and dynamism that characterise today’s society.
The national or international training initiatives carried out by the area constitute spheres of educational research and experimentation that help to:

  • grasp school staff training needs;
  • analyse and study the most effective models, methods and strategies for classrooms, distance (e-learning) and blended learning for school staff;
  • evaluate, develop and customise settings and solutions that make use of technology in training;
  • try out proposals and tools to verify results, and to validate and certify changes in professional behaviour;
  • design and produce effective educational material to train school staff.

The Training Area’s applied research activities are centred around the objective of fostering teachers’ professional change as part of the more general process of transforming the school system and in particular the traditional lecture-based school model.

Contacts: areaformazione@indire.it