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Claudia Rebesani

claudia rebesani

Member of the Board of Directors from 2013, since 2008 she deals with research and development for innovation in education and training of teachers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari and the Regional School Office of Veneto.
She dedicates herself also to the design and development of language courses with ABN Amro, Amcor and CUOA Fundation.  She has a wide knowledge of topics related to the learning of foreign languages at the psycholinguistic, cognitive and sociological level and in 2009 she completed a master in Applied Linguistics at the University of Oxford. Before devoting herself to educational career, she has worked for many years in an important international company of logistics in charge with administrative, managerial and financial offices.


Read Claudia Rebesani’s  curriculum vitae (English version)

email: consigliodiamministrazione@indire.it