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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

School architecture and furnishings: new designs and solutions for existing spaces

The possibility of developing a modern teaching method is closely related to the definition of new student-centred learning environments and to the new organisational needs of schools. The reflection on the relationship between pedagogy and architecture also involves the objects that are part of the school furniture, as functional tools for educational objectives. The need to define the educational contexts in a more differentiated way and in a constructivist perspective, is accompanied by the demand for well-being at school that is increasingly felt by students and their families, teachers and school managers.

The main objectives of this line of research concern the identification of criteria for the design of the schools of the future, where the environments allow immersive education and encourage the active participation of the student in his/her educational path. The research activity also includes the observation and analysis of new architectural solutions adopted in other parts of the world, and the development of tools to detect the impact of the quality of the learning environment in terms of well-being of the school community.