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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Laboratory teaching and curriculum innovation in the artistic and expressive areas

The activity of this line of research is closely related to Legislative Decree no. 60 of 13 April, 2017, which promotes the study of arts, their historical-critical knowledge and their practice, as well as the development of creativity, and music, body and graphic-pictorial languages.

The investigations put in place contribute to the identification of innovative solutions, models and methodologies that, also through an integrated and functional use of ICT, can support laboratory teaching in the artistic-expressive field. The innovative solutions also address curricular reorganisation and the enhancement of informal and non-formal learning.

Therefore, on the basis of the evolution of the research, it will be possible to meet  the objectives identified by Legislative Decree no. 60 of 13 April, 2017 regarding training and consultancy to be provided to teachers involved in the development of the themes of creativity, and the support for the activation of permanent teaching laboratories for creative expression.

Research projects