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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Laboratory teaching ad curriculum innovation in STEM subjects

The focus of this line of research is the promotion of research connecting the reflection on the revision of didactic methods with that on curricula, in schools of all types and levels. Its aim is to increasingly integrate STEM subjects with other disciplinary fields.

The research activities aim to identify strategies, solutions, models and effective approaches for the management of learning processes, accounting for the various contributions deriving from different research approaches (cognitive psychology, neurosciences, social psychology, anthropology, pedagogy) and the necessities to spell out the scientific competences to be promoted.

Moreover, this research path aims to enhance all the activities that give central stage to the collaboration between researchers and teachers in real learning environments, that become actual laboratories for research.

The study aims to identify exemplary teaching/learning paths that indicate:

  • how to implement effective and scientifically relevant contents;
  • how to identify innovative solutions for the reorganisation of curricula;
  • how to suggest career development paths for teaching laboratories focusing not only on didactic, disciplinary and methodological aspects, but also on class management.



Research projects