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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Professional Tertiary education for the production system and the national technological strategic areas. Models for development of competences for the world of work: the higher technical institutes (ITS)

Professional Tertiary Education provided by the higher technical institutes (henceforth referred to as ITS) is a recent formative segment of our system that is receiving much interest not only for the high employment rate it produces, but also for its innovative teaching model.

The start of the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” will have a significant impact on the labour market and consequently on ITS, as the retraining of professional profiles inevitably brings with it demand for new competences.

Therefore, the research on ITS aims to identify and analyse innovative teaching and organisational experiences, functional to the development of skills and soft skills necessary to enter the labour market and providing high level education and high rates of employment.

Research projects