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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Methodological and organisational innovation of Adult Learning

This research field relates to Adult Lifelong Learning, granting special attention to the Provincial Centres for Adult Education (CPIA).

The research, in all its forms, is aimed to the planning and experimentation of proposals for innovation and development of CPIA, and to the documentation of the best practices detected, so as to give CPIA the possibility to share the system actions implemented, accounting for the territorial realities where each of them operates.

Adult education is not limited to the CPIA’s activity: the research takes into consideration the European scenario in synergy with EPALE, the multi-language online community for adult education professionals. Italian and European realities are linked through the dialogue with European realities and actions carried out abroad. The aim of the research is to promote and experiment solutions capable of enhancing the quality of these specific educational reality.

Research projects