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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Models and methodologies to support improvement pathways (National Evaluation System)

The general aim of this research line is to set out Indire’s intervention in support of school improvement as provided for by its role within the National System of Evaluation (SNV).

The task of supporting schools in the process of continuous improvement is based on three different dimensions:

  1. the design/development of models and tools for improvement and innovation;
  2. support/accompaniment in the improvement processes, to ensure that the specific dimensions of the improvement plans of each single school are linked to the national and international processes of innovation of the school model;
  3. the governance of the school and the role of leadership and middle management in school improvement and innovation.

Based on the results of previous activities and the study of what is produced by international research on school effectiveness and school improvement, the research team develops models, tools and methodologies to support schools in the construction of effective paths for improvement and innovation, with a strategic planning consistent with the Three-year Plan for Educational Offer and in line with the provisions of the legislation.

The research is characterised by a double dimension of the concept of improvement: the local one, which focuses on the single school placed within a particular context (sometimes operating in critical situations), and the national one, part of the reorganisation of the whole school system.


Research projects