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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

The institute

Southern Regional Unit

The Southern Regional Unit, based in Naples in Via Guglielmo Melisurgo 4, focuses on complementing the  Institute’s mission, specifically regarding the education sector for the whole of southern Italy. The Unit is involved in all of INDIRE’s research areas, and takes part in initiatives and projects launched at national and international levels, steering the research work and assessing its effects locally.

The Unit boasts a working group consisting of a principal researcher (who looks after scientific coordination and liaises with the contact persons of the research areas at HQ), 5 researchers who study innovation from a multi-disciplinary standpoint thanks to their pedagogical, sociological and teaching expertise; 4 technical research assistants who favour collaboration and communication with local schools; and 13 co-workers. The Unit is also home to administrative offices coordinated by a manager who supervises the work of the administrative staff.

At the Unit, there is a reception desk of the IUL – Italian University Line Consortium, a private e-learning university founded by INDIRE in association with the University of Florence.