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Valutazione dei processi d’innovazione

Artificial Intelligence for and by teachers (AI4T): the evaluation of interventions

Tipo di ricerca: Sperimentale
Ambito: Ricerca endogena

This Erasmus+ project was born from the request for collaboration by France Éducation international (formerly CIEP, Center International d’Études Pédagogiques) to the research group of Structure 11, due to its previous experiences in the field of evaluation of schools’ improvement and innovation processes, at an organizational and didactic level.

The research aims to explore and support the use of Artificial Intelligence in education. The core objective is to design a training process to support teachers in deconstructing their preconceptions, developing their knowledge and encouraging an informed use of Artificial Intelligence in educational contexts.


Understanding if and how the training process may have changed the opinion and attitude of teachers towards AI and their behaviour in the classroom, also considering students’ opinions.

Research questions

  • Which constructs are important for evaluating the impact of training processes aimed at changing teaching practices? (sense of self-efficacy, perception of the tools to be used, perception of methodologies)
  • Was the training process put in place capable of changing the attitudes, opinions and behaviours of teachers in the classroom regarding the use of AI?

Did the students perceive any changes in the level of satisfaction and use of AI in the classroom?


The schools and beneficiaries of the intervention in Italy are:

  • in the pilot phase, 8 educational institutions (8 classes with pupils aged 15 to 17 years); 32 teachers (16 STEM teachers and 16 foreign language teachers)
  • in the large-scale experimentation, 100 educational institutions (100 classes with pupils aged 15 to 17 years); 400 teachers (200 STEM teachers and 200 foreign language teachers).