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“Cuora il futuro” Project

The “Cuora il futuro” project, born out of the collaboration between the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Education, aims to build a path of concrete actions and effective dissemination, aimed at combating and preventing the use of drugs in the population.

Through the implementation of educational programmes and initiatives aimed at school students, but also teachers and parents, the project aims to implement a strategy of communication, awareness and education on the prevention of drug use.

An essential part of the two-year project will be the creation of a portal (soon online) consisting of a website and a web platform managed in partnership with IUL online university, which will manage the complete online training activities for the entire duration of the project. The platform is in fact the main tool for spreading and disseminating the planned initiatives and will be able to host any pilot and experimental training courses aimed at teachers and students.

According to the agreement signed with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Indire has the task of supporting the Ministry of Education in the implementation of the training plan through the creation of online training for participating teachers and offering technical and project designing support.

The website will publish operational and consultation materials, legislation and documents, a reference bibliography and links to the main sites of interest. The virtual environment in which teachers will be able to meet will allow the sharing of experiences and training not only between teachers of the same school, but also between different schools.

Indire will also take care of the information campaign for students and families with a plan of targeted interventions aimed at spreading the message through various media (platform, brochures, press, TV, web, etc.). The institute will support schools in implementing awareness-raising initiatives in the area to strengthen and spread the message of the information campaign more widely. Finally, Indire will also be responsible for the enhancement and dissemination of the project through the organization of events such as presentations, themed meetings, debates and specific actions in the area addressed to students, schools, families and institutions.