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dBook, small web server for the class

Tipo di ricerca: Esplorativa
Tipo di ricerca: Sperimentale
Ambito: Ricerca endogena

The dBook system is a small web server that provides a series of applications dedicated to educational activities without requiring any internet connection. It can provide a private WiFi network with which teachers and students can collaborate and share their experiences through a set of software dedicated to teaching. It is possible to use the dBook with normal computers, laptops, IWBs and tablets (for some simple operations, and when possible, even smartphones), without having to install any specific software and ensuring maximum compatibility between all the most popular operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, MAC OSX, iOS, Android and Linux, in total safety also as regards aspects related to users’ personal data. dBook can propose tools that reproduce working methods based on collaboration and sharing and can be easily inserted within the teaching activities proposed by the teacher. Each dBook is also able to send documentation, explicitly selected by the teacher, to a central INDIRE repository where other dBook installations are collected and made available. It is an open and scalable system, based on open-source software, able to be enriched and updated with new software developed by INDIRE, and to manage a 3D printer, sensors, motors and other electronic components that can be used in STEM activities. dBook can be used with a laboratory approach to teaching, thus also contributing to the development of digital skills and inclusion, especially in the case of special educational needs.


Creation of a technological solution that can assist and support the research and experimentation conducted by Indire.

Research questions

Is the dBook system a technological tool that can be used within classes of different levels?

Is the dBook system a technological tool capable of making a positive contribution to the development of digital skills and inclusion, especially in cases of special educational needs?


Primary schools and lower secondary schools.