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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Disciplinary Didactics and ICT

Recent developments in the field of multimedia and multimodal technologies have inevitably had an influence on didactics, forcing to rethink and revise teaching/learning schemes and expressive possibilities, with a consequent transformation of the methods and  techniques of daily practice, in a quest for increasingly efficient integration of ICT, Information and Communications Technology.

This project aims to create some research workshops for different subjects with the goal of creating specific skills inside INDIRE in avant-garde technical solutions (both software and hardware) to teach these different subjects.

This research will study software and hardware systems that facilitate studying through learning-by-doing methods, involving the use of interactive systems and simulations.

An integral part of the research will be the planning and development of a specific database of software/hardware products for disciplinary didactics, inside a Cloud that is open to all teachers, in order to share their knowledge and teaching experience, by building an “open” community whose goal is to introduce effective technological innovations in education. This community will use social tools to allow automatic, efficient and shared organisation of the resources available. Through this, teachers who are keen on ICT and use it for their own teaching will be able to share their own experiences and offer themselves as a resource to other teachers who wish to get into the world of new technologies for education.

This research area will contribute across the board to the training projects developed by INDIRE, whether teaching workshops or more general activities and projects whose goal is to transform education.