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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana
Didattica laboratoriale e innovazione del curricolo nell’Area artistico-espressiva

Documenting theatre education

Tipo di ricerca: Teoretica
Ambito: Ricerca istituzionale

The project was born based on the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 60 of 2017 which operates in two directions. On the one hand, it entrusts INDRE with the tasks of documenting and disseminating practices to disseminate both organizational and technical solutions, and effective practices for the achievement of skills, knowledge and skills relating to the themes of creativity; on the other hand, it introduces a new way of looking at schools’ theatrical activities in order for them to stop for good to be additional extracurricular activities and become a complementary didactic choice, aimed at a more effective pursuit of both institutional goals and curricular objectives”. This opens a concrete space for action in two main directions: the construction of a national system of documentation of theatre-education practices, its introduction in the curriculum and the experimentation of laboratory proposals from a system perspective.

In particular, this research activity, which finds its premises in the provisions of the line of Research on didactic innovation and main technological developments. The Artistic-expressive area defined by the INDIRE’s Strategic Vision Document, insists on priority 3 of the Act regarding institutional and political orientation concerning the identification of the political priorities of the Ministry of Education for the year 2022, aimed at promoting educational innovation processes in schools of all levels and is part of articulation 6 of the National Research Plan 2021-2027 with which it intends, among other activities, to support creative workshops in the sectors of visual and performing arts, cinema, arts in general, theatre, and music, in close connection with the local territory.


  • To define and build tools and models for the documentation of theatre-education practices in all school levels (General objective 2).

Research questions

  • With what tools and methods can a practice of theatre-education be described in a way accounting for the volatility of the didactic practice and that of the theatre performance, that happens in the here and now, so that others can not only understand its characteristics and value, but also imagine how to re-propose it, with the necessary adjustments, in one’s own school?