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Area tecnologica

dSerra, system for the management of a hydroponic greenhouse at school

Tipo di ricerca: Sperimentale
Ambito: Ricerca endogena

dSerra is a system that allows you to automate the display and storage of the values ​​read by the sensors connected to a hydroponic greenhouse based on the small dBook class web server. In addition to measuring the main physical variables associated with the growth of a plant, the tool allows the management of plant lighting and the recording of videos in timelapse format. As for dBook, dSerra is also equipped with a web graphic interface to manage all the functions remotely and read (and save locally) the values ​​of the measured variables.

dSerra allows real-time monitoring of the data detected and stored through a graph where for each survey performed you can see the data in detail and the photo taken.


Conception and design of a technological solution that can find subsequent use in Research Facilities, in the context of laboratory teaching.

Research questions

  • What is the level of usability of dSerra for students and teachers, in different age groups?
  • Is dSerra a tool that facilitates the use of the hydroponic greenhouse at school, aimed at improving the process of understanding the growth pattern of a plant?


The schools of the national territory that adhere to the experimentation.