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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

GIES – Management of Interventions on School Buildings

Loghi PON 2014-2020 (fse-fesr) corto

Project Code: 11.1.1B- ESFNOP -INDIRE-2015-1
PUI: B52F16000490006
Axis III – “Strengthening institutional capacity and promoting an efficient public administration”
SO: 11.1 “Increasing transparency, interoperability and access to public data”


The GIES project – Management of Interventions on School Buildings – is a tool for monitoring and documentation of all school construction projects financed by the Ministry of Education through the European Structural Funds since 2014.

GIES is a project carried out under Axis III – “Strengthening institutional capacity and promoting an efficient public administration 2014-2020” and responds to the objective of increasing transparency, interoperability and access to public data. It is an effective e-governance tool that accompanies institutions in the implementation of building renovation projects and construction of new school buildings, and allows integrated documentation and financial management of interventions. It is a flexible management tool able to adapt to different governance methods and different funding channels that contribute to the renovation of the school buildings of the country.

GIES is also an online environment (http://gies.indire.it) with a searchable database that, through graphs and tables, translates the data collected into information, which are useful for reading and observing phenomena related to the evolution of the heritage of school buildings. The online environment includes also a section for e-learning to support the project managers in the management of documents and finances for the reporting in the GIES system. Moreover, GIES provides project managers with online training modules on administrative procedures linked to school buildings and on the new Public procurement Code. Thanks to this environment, the various public institutions responsible for the governance and financing of school buildings (local authorities, Regions, Ministries and Investment Banks) can know the details of the works undertaken on the buildings.

Currently about 5,000 interventions on schools are monitored.

The GIES system addresses not only the need to document all the phases of administrative and financial processes relating to school constructions on the entire national territory, but also increase transparency, interoperability with data banks, regarding school building and access to public data from the National Register of school buildings.

With the website www.scuoleinnovative.it, the project supported the issuing of the call for proposals for “Innovative schools” referred to in the ministerial decree no. 860 of 03/11/15.

Thanks to the skills of Indire’s researchers and trainers and the possibility of accessing numerous data on school constructions, the GIES platform can be a useful tool for policy makers to encourage the innovation process of teaching and learning environments in Italian schools.