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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana
Modelli e metodologie per l’analisi, la lettura e la documentazione dei principali fenomeni del sistema scolastico

Innovation Library: ideas and resources for schools

Tipo di ricerca: Esplorativa
Ambito: Ricerca istituzionale

The project arises from the assumption that the concept of educational transformation and innovation is constantly evolving and is enriched not only with the contribution of national and international research, but also and above all thanks to the impetus given by schools. In this regard, INDIRE has developed an online environment called “Library of Innovation: ideas and resources for the school” aimed at sharing, in various formats, including audio-visual materials, practices and didactic resources, lessons and insights, functional to the innovation of the school model.


  • Accompanying schools in the documentation processes and increase the ability to talk about the improvement processes in schools, from a generative point of view,  from a didactic and managerial-organizational perspective;
  • Encouraging documentation both as a professional resource that places the teacher and the school in a situation of reflection, and as a peer-to-peer training tool;
  • Encouraging schools to produce documentation of practices on areas not yet sufficiently explored at the national level, to return the richness of the many realities of the school system;
  • Transforming a repository of practices into an information system from which to extract data and information to be reused in research promoted by INDIRE;
  • Developing multimedia authoring tools for the production and sharing of video-documentations (apps for mobile devices) also to overcome the criticalities due to current privacy regulations (which partly prevent documentation processes in schools) and promote the creation of Open Education Resources (OER).

Research questions

  • What role does documentation play in improvement and innovation processes?
  • What functional languages ​​can be used to describe the practical action of the school and the processes for improving the quality of the teaching experience from a generative perspective?
  • Is it possible to reconstruct from the narratives proposed by the schools a theoretical framework functional to systematizing the transformation of the transmission model?
  • What can be the validation processes of documentary resources to encourage documentation from a “quality” perspective?


  • Self-learning teachers (development of professional skills);
  • The school, represented as an institution by its teachers, head teachers, digital animators and other professional figures operating in it;
  • School’s stakeholders (local authorities, businesses, etc.);
  • Students (as potential users of the educational resources).