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Music at school

Digital Repository of best practices in the didactic of music for the first and the second cycle of education.

“Music at school” is set to promote, select, organise and introduce the best practices in the didactic of music in the first and in the second cycle of education, through a web platform and an integrated electronic archive.
The project is addressed to teachers at all levels of education, who have the possibility to insert contents, participate in the discussions and compare their work with colleagues.
The project involves the development of 3 general areas:

  1. documentation of best practices related to the didactics of music – The purpose is to share and to transfer know-how to teachers interested in reproducing these good practices in their classes, in order to activate a virtuous circle of communication. The documentation  activity is carried out through textual and video materials: one in “Demo” version in which the didactic activity is presented in its final form, performed by the class or by groups of students, along with indications concerning the steps to be taken; and the “tutorial” version for the teachers who want to introduce their own didactic activity.
  2. community – small communities created around didactic experiences, in which the teachers can exchange information on their own experience and can offer assistance to the colleagues in asynchronous and textual mode through entries and comments in the webpage.
  3. Contents delivery by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and Indire – archive contents related to the planning and realisation of activity/laboratories in music classes, with possibility of documentation, not necessarily linked to scholastic experiences, to spread out information regarding the educational provision in general.

Among the activities of the project, it is planned also the organisation of a brief online course, conducted from an expert to offer teachers technological competences for the realisation of documentary videos.
This project is in line with the indications of the Law 107/2015 that submits a role of primary importance to music practice and its culture, considered as the priority objectives of the triennial Plan of schools’ educational provision. This activity wants to fill a gap since there is a general lack of documentation and information recorded at national level. The repository is a virtual place where the discussion about music as a fundamental discipline in the development of every student can be revived.

The National Committee for music learning through practice for all the students is a project partner.