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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana
Applicazioni tecnologiche per lo sviluppo della didattica laboratoriale

Neurosciences and technologies for the personalization of teaching paths and the development of students’ potential

Ambito: Ricerca endogena

The research project “Neurosciences and technologies for personalizing teaching paths and developing students’ potential” aims to create and share tools for observing students’ potential and skills and personalizing learning paths, also thanks to the use of new technologies.

The research-training path is aimed at all educational levels: the Institutes that will take part in the initiative can enrol one or more teachers in an online training environment active from March 2023 where materials and moments of discussion will be shared on topics such as: brain-based teaching, key principles for personalisation, tools for identifying students’ potential and observing skills, technologies for personalisation, continuity and verticalization of the curriculum, valorisation of non-formal and informal resources.
In the following academic year, it will be possible to co-design learning paths in which teachers will be able to experiment with the proposed tools, documenting the work done.