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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana
Architetture e arredi scolastici: progettare nuovi spazi educativi e adattare ambienti di apprendimento esistenti

Participation in the international project, “Constructing Education” framework

Tipo di ricerca: Esplorativa
Ambito: Ricerca istituzionale

Over the past three years, INDIRE has collaborated with the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), a multilateral development body with an exclusively social mandate which, through funding and technical expertise, actively promotes social cohesion and strengthens integration among the Member States of the European Union. Specifically, INDIRE participated in surveys on investments in educational infrastructures in some European cities for which the INDIRE 1+4 Manifesto was used with the aim of studying the links between how schools are designed, the school building and the pedagogical use of new spaces. In March 2021, the CEB published Constructing Education: an opportunity not to be missed. The paper proposes a new approach to financing investments in educational infrastructure with the goal of ensuring that future users are ready for the new school building and, therefore, are able to use it effectively to promote learning. The main idea behind the framework is to incorporate an educational perspective into the programme regarding investments in infrastructure. This means identifying the support activities that need to be provided in parallel with the planning, construction and occupation process, so that once the school building is completed, its users are ready to make the best use of its potential to promote student learning. Above all, it means that the additional costs associated with implementing these training and support activities are included as part of the investment.


  • To follow the implementation of the framework mentioned above in two schools in the city of Milan;
  • To validate the framework by experimenting with it in schools in different European countries;
  • To promote designing schools based on the 1+4 model in a synergy between pedagogy, architecture and the action of local authorities;
  • To investigate how to use innovative spaces, based on the framework prepared by INDIRE (INDIRE 1+4 Manifesto), after their occupation (Scott-Webber, 2013).

Research question

  • Are investments in school buildings, if accompanied by adequate support measures, capable of having an impact on teaching practices?


International banks; local authorities; universities; architects; head teachers and teachers