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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Professional networks, training models and the head teacher’s profile

This is a three-year research (2015-2017) aimed at investigating the value and the role of formal and informal networks relating to the profile and profession of the head teacher.

The aim of the research is to understand the nature of the networks highlighting: their structure, evolution, life cycle, functioning dynamics, objectives and efficacy indicators (national survey).

The research path aims to highlight the correlations between participation in the networks and knowledge transfer in the head teachers’ schools.

It also foresees the case study of training activities addressed to head teachers in order to identify their structures and models and possible connections between training paths and the processes of creation, support and development of professional networks.

The research aims also to delve into the dynamics and functioning mechanisms from the organisational, managerial and relational point of view of the head teachers’ networks.

The profession of the head teacher operating within the networks is explored on a parallel path based on the grounded theory approach. Starting from the methodological assumptions of this approach we will try to highlight the processes that the head teachers have to manage within the networks and in the school community to innovate teaching.

In parallel to this, the designing and experimentation of a training model for head teachers is foreseen at the end of the prelaminar phase of construction, development and evaluation of the training scenarios and the experimentation of the chosen training scenario.

Finally, the project aims to:

  1. experiment on new methods to return the research and its results, exploiting digital technologies and in particular images and video to bring out aspects not investigated with traditional methods of qualitative research. This research will avail of a new emerging method that is visual sociology which encourages the researcher to think also using their eyes (Maresca, 1996);
  2. Investigate the impact of new technologies in the professional lives of head teachers.