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Promoting gender equality

Tipo di ricerca: Osservativa
Tipo di ricerca: Esplorativa
Ambito: Ricerca endogena

The school’s role in promoting a culture of equality is assuming greater relevance in the public sphere as a result of recent legislation. The persistence of sectorisation in educational choices, as well as the persistence of gender differences in the results found by INVALSI, suggest a lack of qualified employment precisely because of the gender gap. INDIRE, therefore, initiated specific observation actions and studied the operation of schools in promoting gender equality together with support functions. An initial analysis shows that, in the teaching community, a reflection on how schools can act in the process of deconstructing stereotypes by modifying the didactic methods and by integrating education with respect and equality during daily lessons, is still not widespread.


  • To promote a gender-sensitive work perspective in the school from a system perspective.
  • To monitor the teacher training needs with regard to gender equality issues.
  • To longitudinally observe the impact of initiatives promoting gender equality on student skills and on the teaching community.

Research questions

  • What didactic methods favour the adoption of a gender perspective in curricular teaching?
  • What actions are needed to ensure that schools play a role in promoting a culture of equality and in combating stereotypes?
  • What is the impact on skills of adopting a gender perspective in teaching practices, in the educational relationship, and in the organisation?


School personnel and the student population of schools of all levels and grades in the country.