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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


Scuolavalore –  Resources for teachers from national projects is a repository of courses, activities and educational material created and prepared by INDIRE. Over the years, the site has continued to increase its provision and today it features an organised collection of over 800 resources which teachers can access to free of charge, developed for the main subjects (Italian, Mathematics, Foreign Languages and the Sciences) and designed for the different school levels, from primary to upper secondary.

Starting from the needs that developed in the field, Scuolavalore collects those resources that cover the essential subjects envisaged by the ministry’s recommendations, which are divided into theoretical reflections and investigations, teaching courses, video lessons, conceptual maps, simulations, tutorials, suggestions to tackle specific learning difficulties, tests to check on students’ learning, plus evaluation and self-evaluation schemes for teachers.

In particular, the most recent resources published have also been enriched by video animations and video documentation of teaching activities to encourage analysis and reflection. Consequently, these are not activities to be tried out directly in class, but suggestions that set out to develop teachers’ professional skills through a dimension that is not merely experiential, but also reflective. In fact, the resources available can be consulted, tried out, and reused in a wide variety of teaching situations, and customised according to the context.
On the site’s homepage it is possible to carry out independent research based either on school level or a specific topic or subject (Italian, Languages, Mathematics or the Sciences). It is also possible to browse the resources on the basis of their type (study material, teaching courses, tutorials, etc.) or to directly access the projects they were conceived and designed for.

Scuolavalore was created in answer to the need  to disseminate and exploit the wealth of teaching material produced by INDIRE as part of the teacher training projects promoted by the National Operational Programme (NOP) 2007-2013 “Skills for Development” co-financed by the European Social Fund and designed for the four “Convergence Objective” Italian regions (Calabria, Campania, Puglia, and Sicily). The site was created jointly by the Training Area, the Technology Area and INDIRE’s Communications Office, while the architecture of its contents is the result of group project work and relevant scientific and technical committees.

For further information please write to: scuolavalore@indire.it


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