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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Teachers’ memories

“SCHOOL STORIES “: the oral narrative of those who did and are doing schooling.

The narration of the Italian school system, through a collection of documents offered by those who have been the protagonists and witnesses of a history to which return with ever-renewed questions, moved by the tension towards research and responsibility in the present and the future.

The Teachers’ memories project is part of Indire’s line of research, “Enhancement of the historical heritage”, and consists of a repository of oral sources alongside the paper document collections of the Historical Archive, already largely digitized and usable through the Fotoedu and Fisqed databases, as well as in the thematic paths of the Digital Collection.

The methodology chosen is that of video recording which allows you to look at and review the answers to certain questions. In this research, at a time when documentation is often moved to the background of the school world, it seems significant to us, to re-propose the theme of how it can be used in a formative and at the same time generative key: it is a question of creating and sharing new sources for research, previously kept only in the memory of the individual teacher, as testimony of the recent past of the Italian school system pivoting around innovation as the core of didactic actions.

A preparatory study has allowed the Indire research team to develop a work plan which, with respect to the historical period studied and the institutional tasks of our Institute, has led to a selection of key themes that represent innovation at school.

A common outline was therefore prepared for all the video interviews in order to obtain a homogeneous complex, a composition of comparable and convergent materials, while maintaining wide margins for the subjective interpretation of the proposed theme, so that the teacher’s point of view could emerge from his/her experience.

An analysis of this type allows us to grasp aspects that would otherwise be missed. First of all, the “scholastic experience”: the daily teaching activity, the methods of transmitting contents and values, the learning experiences, but also those of socialization, the relationships between pupils, between families and school authorities, and, more in general, the attitude of the population towards school.

The approach, anchored to the scientific needs of historiography, is strongly interdisciplinary and oriented to communicative aspects of online publishing, to a humanistic reflection on the potential of new information and communication technologies in the educational context.

Teachers interested in collaborating in the Teachers’ Memories project and participating in the creation of a video interview according to this format, can write to archiviostorico@indire.it .


Working group
Research: Alessandra Anichini, Veronica Forni, Pamela Giorgi, Francesca Pizzigoni, Antonio Sofia, Chiara Zanoccoli
Coordination and iconographic research: Irene Zoppi