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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana
Valorizzazione del patrimonio storico

History teaching workshop

Ambito: Ricerca istituzionale

The research starts from the most recent studies on the use of typical and atypical sources for educational research and on the educational and didactic value of sources in an interdisciplinary perspective, with particular attention, in addition to the teaching of history, to the promotion of competences in cultural awareness and cultural expression, the development of critical skills and digital literacy.


To analyse the didactic use of sources as tools to promote: laboratory teaching of history; promote transversal disciplinary skills; promote citizenship skills.

Research questions

How does a didactic method centred on the use of sources facilitate history teaching-learning processes?


  • Teaching history in the laboratory. Connecting active teaching and curricular needs with a look at the use of cultural heritage
  • Bibliographies and web resources
  • From cultural heritage… routes in schools
  • History didactics


Working and Research Group

Alessandra Anichini, Raffaella Calgaro, Francesca Caprino, Gianluca Gabrielli, Francesca Sara D’Imperio, Valentina Della Gala, Pamela Giorgi, Fabiana Spinelli, Irene Zoppi