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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana
Applicazioni tecnologiche per lo sviluppo della didattica laboratoriale

The personalisation of teaching programmes to develop the potential and well-being of students

Ambito: Ricerca endogena

Research is organised as the continuation of previous activities aimed at enhancing the potential of students through personalised teaching strategies supported by technologies. Digital learning environments and the use of technology can provide a great opportunity to achieve the goal of personalising learning, and can concretely help teachers differentiate their teaching. Several studies have suggested that personalisation can increase motivation, student empowerment, and learning aptitudes.


Ob.1 To map the personalisation practices carried out nationally in schools of all levels and grades.

Ob.2 To design, implement, and make available to students, functional tools to identify the needs and potential of students, also thanks to the use of apps and new technologies.

Ob.3 To experiment with the co-design of didactic personalisation programmes supported by technology.

Research questions

Q.1 What didactic personalisation practices do Italian schools put in place to meet the needs of students and to enhance their potential?

Q.2 What tools are functional in identifying the needs and potential of students in the various levels of school from kindergarten to lower secondary?

Q.3 Do personalisation programmes co-designed with teachers and supported by technologies improve the relational climate and favour inclusion?

The purpose of the research

The research questions aim to have an impact on the quality of the educational experience in terms of personalisation by identifying tools to detect potential; by sharing paradigmatic cases of programmes and experiences of effective personalisation in terms of student well-being and educational success; and by experimenting with programmes aimed at all levels of training.

Territory (where) and Research Times

The research has a national scope. The collection of needs analysis and programme personalisation practices is aimed at all schools. Co-design with teachers will only involve a selected sample of schools.

The research project will run for 3 school years.


Target of teachers and school administrators who are experts in programme personalisation

Target of beneficiaries of the interventions: all Italian schools.