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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Theatre at school

The research activity aims to build the national system for documentation of theatre-education practices in the schools of the first and second cycle (including nursery school) starting from the drawing up of a specific documentation model.

Talking about documentation models for theatre activities carried out in the educational field means to face up to its twofold volatile characteristics: on one hand, the mutability which is typical of every didactic experience implying a process which is difficult to document, thus risking being reduced to its final outcome; on the other, the volatility of theatre, an art that is consumed and acquires its meaning in the here and now and adds to the volatility of the process that of the result.

If every didactic experience has its specificity due to its disciplinary field, on the other hand theatre education not only is not placed in a specific disciplinary field but expresses a way of schooling which can link together many disciplines.

However, the documentation of the experiences of theatre-education and their dissemination is the basis of a type of research that wants to know and value what happened in the encounter between school and theatre and to promote the debate on the main pedagogical, organisational, didactical issues relating to the implementation of theatre education at school.

This activity foresees the creation of a small national work group made up of teachers selected through an Indire’s call. The national group aims to build and experiment a specific documentation format to be used to describe theatre education activity in general and in its specific components, in order to inspire other teachers and favour the dissemination of practices.

For further information on projects, publications and articles relating to the research structure visit: https://musica.indire.it.