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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Tools and infrastructures – Learning environments for active teaching

The project is aimed at creating pilot environments, distributed throughout the country, capable of creating educational settings to support student-centred methodologies, capable of conveying a new idea of ​​space for students, also out of lesson time.

These environments include latest generation furnishings that meet usability standards in line with the most recent studies on students’ physical and psychological well-being. In these environments the teacher will be able to take part in demonstration activities, reconfigure the didactic setting and arrange the furnishings in a way that is functional to the type of didactic activity chosen from time to time.

It is therefore a question of offering concrete support aimed at letting teachers and entire school groups experience a series of innovative activities in equally modern settings. These environments will be local hubs for events and initiatives related to training, experimentation, moments of shared reflection and the development of innovative projects for schools.

Each space will be designed drawing on the results of Indire’s research which produced the model called “1+4 educational spaces“, designed for third millennium schools, and based on the literature of the sector and on the analysis of technical regulations for school construction in some European and non-European countries.

Each hub will be able to act as a flywheel for school innovation and simultaneously respond to the demand for educational and experimental environments in which the availability of digital technologies and flexible modular spaces are fundamental components for local initiatives (e.g. the activities of digital animators, the experimentations of Avanguardie educative, school network projects, etc.).

The project is co-financed with additional MIUR funds.