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Training of New Teachers 2015-2016

New teachers training project is directed by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Technical Secretariat and Directorate General for School Staff).

INDIRE and the University of Macerata are collaborating on the project to set up the online training phase.

In compliance with the MIUR Ministerial Decree no. 850 of 27/10/2015, the more than 90 thousand new teachers taken on in the AY 2015-2016 can only join the permanent staff after an obligatory professional refresher course, i.e. a period of training lasting 50 hours, of which approximately 20 will be online, split into the following steps:

  • Initial skills profile (3 hours – online)
  • Preparatory meeting (3 hours)
  • Training workshops (4 meetings of 3 hours each)
  • Peer to Peer, i.e. reciprocal observation in the classroom involving a tutor and a new teacher (12 hours, supported by the INDIRE Platform)
  • Online training (14 hours – online)
  • Final skills profile (3 hours – online)
  • Final meeting with results (3 hours)

The Ministerial Decree 850/2015 entrusted INDIRE with the task of creating and keeping up to date a digital platform for new teachers, an online tool that can accompany and support teachers with a series of guided activities of analysis and reflection on their professional career throughout their training period.

The teacher’s road map begins by entering online a skills profile, a self-evaluation on teaching style, useful to underscore strong points and areas for improvement. The online platform makes it possible to draft a training curriculum in which the teacher documents his or her own educational experiences and the results obtained during the planning, creation and evaluation of training activities. The teacher can create a portfolio of activities, an important tool for professional growth, that allows the collection and presentation of the activities carried out, highlighting educational skills and reflecting on personal relational abilities.

The online environment developed by INDIRE is also a tool for teachers to compile a final skills profile, a document that highlights the improvements obtained during training and identifying areas that require further bolstering. In addition, the platform provides teachers with a specific  “digital library” of teaching aids and study material that can be used immediately but will remain accessible later when they begin teaching. They are didactic tools designed to accompany teachers on a path of continuous professional growth.

Moreover, through the website, teachers can get to know any innovation project in progress in Italian schools, promoted by MIUR and INDIRE. Among the online tools available to teachers, there is also a forum for meeting and discussion in which each participant will be able to share their experiences and interact with colleagues and delve deeper into topics of common interest.

The resources provided on the platform are the outcome of INDIRE’s research after many years of training school staff. Every piece of teaching material, activity and content presented is designed to accompany teachers on a road of continuous growth and reflection on their own professional practice.

In compliance with the Regulations (Ministerial Decree 850/2015 and the Ministerial Circular 36167/2015), the online training lasts approximately 20 hours, however, activities are not tracked on the platform.

Please remember that the email confirming registration is not instantaneous and will arrive within 24 hours of registration. Registration can also be made during the coming weeks, without a set deadline. The online environment will remain available to teachers until the end of July.

Please note! For the moment enrolment is only open to new teachers. Tutors can only enrol later on, after the date to be announced on this website and on the website: “New Teachers AY 2015-16″.