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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana
Modelli e metodologie per l’analisi, la lettura e la documentazione dei principali fenomeni del sistema scolastico

Visual didactic activism: validation of the methodology in the pedagogical field

Tipo di ricerca: Sperimentale
Ambito: Ricerca endogena

Images are powerful means of expression and can be knowledge tools available to schools and training institutions to develop in students what the authors define “heuristic perspective”. The research aims to “radically redefine visual methods in relation to education” by introducing the use of images for teaching and training.

The researchers set out to validate the method of visual didactic activism (VDA), starting from visual sociology.


Validation of the “Visual didactive activism” (VDA) methodology in the context of civic education for lower and upper secondary schools.

Research questions

What impact and what added value can visual didactive activism – as theorized by researchers – have on issues such as sustainable development?


Newly hired teachers and sustainable laboratories.