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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


22 aprile 2021


  • The average score of 64.14 (S.D. 9.88) – out of a maximum score of 80 – found in the Didactics area indicates that on average the respondents to the questionnaire believe that the eTwinning experience has greatly contributed to improving their teaching skills.
  • The most recurrent specific benefits of the eTwinning experience perceived by interviewees are: 1) the improvement of the ability to co-design educational interventions; 2) the expansion and diversification of the use of digital technologies for teaching; 3) the promotion of students’ transversal and digital skills.
  • Some interviews highlighted how eTwinning projects contribute to the inclusion of students with special educational needs and/or with a migrant background in the learning process, as well as to the experimentation of diversified and more authentic assessment methods, in the school context.