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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Early school leaving

This initiative aims to merge the “local” improvement objectives of each school, obtained through the self-evaluation reports and external evaluation, with the general innovation strategies for the school model.  The term “improvement”- towards which all the National Evaluation System is oriented – contains already in itself local and general aims.

Each school  has, in fact, to programme a pathway for improvement concerning specific problems and characteristics (issues regarding organisation, communication, relationship with the territory, etc.). However, there is also a more general dimension of school improvement, such as the need to combat early school leaving. As shown by the results of the most innovative Italian schools, early school leaving must be tackled with a radical transformation of daily teaching of core subjects, that are students’ main obstacle.

In light of the collaboration with the best international universities, the research on most effective didactics, and the studies on the reorganisation of teaching times, tools, spaces and school furniture, Indire is geared up to help schools in this process of general improvement, thanks to its broad vision encompassing changes already implemented in other countries.

This sector of studies represents “the laboratory” where the various research groups study solutions and propose methodologies and actions in support of students’ wellbeing, including also work placement schemes carried out in schools that can be valuable occasions to boost students’ motivation.