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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


In compliance with Law 4/2004 and subsequent implementation regulations, the INDIRE website has gradually begun to make its contents available to users with disabilities.

Chromatic Contrasts
To guarantee legible contents also for users with colour blindness, differences in brightness and colour between the text and the background have been respected, using the algorithms suggested by current regulations.

Descriptions of images
All the important images on the site have a description accessible using ALT which summarizes their content.

Fonts and Colour Contrast
The site uses relative font sizes, this allows users to increase or decrease the size using the appropriate feature of their browser.

Rapid access keys
The use of External Style Sheets makes it possible to keep stylistic aspects and presentations (colours, backgrounds, formatting, etc.) separate from page contents. Browsers that do not support them, or support them only partially, can still make use of the contents, however.

Headings and subheadings help users to find their way around while always knowing where they are on the site.

Semantic structure of the contents
All the elements and attributes contained in the page codes have been used semantically; the pages feature their own logical structure in which various elements of the page are marked according to function (e.g., the headings, subheadings, lists, tables, links, etc., are labelled with respective elements of HTML code, so that a Voice Browser or Screen Reader, e.g. IBM Home Page Reader or Jaws, will give users correct information).

Navigation Path
A Breadcrumbs Trail keeps track of the path when navigating among contents. The path is to be found at the top of each page.

Skip Menu
To make navigation easier with a browser there is a “Skip” between the various sections of the site, an expedient that allows screen readers to skip from navigation on the main menu and pass directly to the key contents of the page being read.

To improve consultation speed, some keyboard shortcuts have been introduced, namely, so-called “accesskeys”, rapid access keys that can open a link by means of a precise sequence of keys. The sequence of keys depends on the operating system and browser used.

In  Windows the rapid access keys use the following sequences:
Internet Explorer: Alt + Accesskey + ENTER;
Netscape/Firefox: Alt + Shift + Accesskey;
Opera: Shift + ESC + Accesskey;

For Mac OS the rapid access keys use the following sequences:
Safari: Ctrl + Access key.

For LINUX the rapid access keys use the following sequences:
Epiphany: Shift + Alt + Access key.

List of Active Accesskeys:

  • H = Return to Home page
  • I = Institute
  • R = Research Areas
  • A = Activities
  • N = INDIREinforma
  • P = Partnership
  • C = Contacts
  • M = Forms
  • B = Competition Notices
  • G = Tenders and contracts
  • T = Transparent Administration
  • A = Access to documents
  • N = Legal Notes
  • S = Press Office

By accessibility is meant “the ability of IT systems, within the forms and limits allowed by technological knowledge, to provide services and supply information usable, without discrimination, also by those who, because of disability, have need of assistive technologies or particular configurations” (Art. 2, paragraph a, Law 4/2004).

Our desire is to create a site that is accessible to all. However, despite the attention given and our best intentions, it is not possible to exclude with certainty, also because of the size of the site and its many contents, that some pages are still not totally accessible to certain categories of users.
Please accept our apologies if some contents are not yet fully accessible, and do let us know of any difficulty found so that we may eliminate it as quickly as possible (please send your observations to comunicazione@indire.it ).

Creating an accessible site is a road that leads to continuous improvements, necessary to guarantee the widest possible access to its contents.
Thank you and happy browsing!