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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana

Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Office (founded with D.Lgs n. 29/93 and widened in its functions by the L. 150/00) aims to favour the administrative transparency, foster the dialogue between the Insitute and the beneficiaries of its services, and  facilitate access to the administrative acts.

The Public Relations Office provides guidance regarding the competences of the different offices, in order to address public demands and needs. In particular, the office provides:

  • to answer questions, and listen to recommendations and suggestions on the research activities and on the ongoing projects;
  • indications on the services offered by the National Agency Erasmus+
  • to offer general administrative information

Please, contact the Public Relation Office by e-mail at  urp@indire.it, clearly pointing out the title of the project, or the matter, or the sector of enquiry (for example: general business and administrative area, technology area, financial offices, research department. etc.).