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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


Indire’s research activities aim to implement the Institute’s mission, namely to support the ongoing innovation in Italian schools and steer the processes to transform educational methods, tools, and the architecture of schools, including furnishings and learning environments in the schools of our country.

The Institute’s research work has three strategic objectives:

  1. interpreting the innovation processes that are being developed in educational systems in Italy and abroad;
  2. proposing actions to systematise and disseminate new teaching and learning practices and models;
  3. supporting schools engaged in processes to transform environments and teaching methods.

The research activity field is the first and second cycle of education but attention is given also to pre-primary school and training of educators. Moreover, the selection, reconstruction and re-interpretation of methods and techniques rooted in the past cannot be ignored. For this reason, the enhancement of the historical heritage is one of the dimensions of research that is not limited to the historical documents to include all that testifies and documents the history of school in its development with attention to oral sources.

In order to meet the general and strategic objectives, the research is organised into 5 strategic initiatives and 14 lines of research.